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Hi! My name is Aaron Snowberger and I'm a WordPress Plugin author! I also teach English to university students in Korea, teach Basic Computer and Programming Literacy classes to Korean high schoolers (in English), and teach problem solving for logic puzzles to elementary Korean students. I've lived in Korea for 8 years now, but what I'm really passionate about is simple, clean, intuitive print and WordPress design.

Homepage Coming Soon!

With the Initial Release of my FIRST WordPress plugin in the WP Plugins repository, I've decided to completely revamp my online web presence to better reflect (and appropriate) my current online undertakings. In the near future (launching in 2015), this site will be the homepage for ALL my WordPress related development, tutorials, plugins, themes, and so on.
    Expect to see:
  • Themes, demos, and downloads I'll begin my Theme releases with a relaunch of THIS "Launch" page for this site.
  • Plugins This site will house the full JKL Plugin archive, help docs, demos, and so on.
  • Support Forum Additionally, I will (probably) host a support forum for all the plugins and themes I release (or else, I'll redirect support back over to
  • WP Development Tutorials As I'm progressing along with WP Development, I'm learning a lot - so in order to help me better remember it, I'll be sharing as I go with you (the readers).

Launching 2015

But for now, you can find me on @ jekkilekki

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